Walkera Expands FPV Race Drone Portfolio

On the Nuremberg Toy Fair Walkera has presented a fine expansion of their FPV Race Drone Portfolio. With the successful market introduction of the Runner 250 Walkera has entered the fast growing FPV Racing scene with one of the first serious ready-to-fly FPV Race copters. End of 2015/beginning 2016 Walkera is back with two great new products in the FPV Racing segment.

Walkera Furious 320 is Designed for High-Speed, whilst the F210 is Super-Agile

Let’s start with the larger Furious 320. This is a true racing copter when it comes to top speed. Its asymetric and stretched main body shows the purpose of this fine piece of design and engineering only from it’s looks. The arms of this quad are twistable in order to add to the thrust vector in Z-axis also a X-axis vector (meaning: forward). This gives the copter a super fast acceleration response and keeps the main body in a more horizontal level whilst moving forward. This copter is styled for speed. It would be interesting to see wether the Furious 320 will open another sub-segment in drone racing where high-speed is the main focus.

Furious 320 - Walkera —The world’s most professional consumer UAV of racing

Walkera Furious 320

The F210 is Walkera’s smallest FPV Race Drone. And this little quad has the ambition to become a superstar this year in the race scene. It is truely purpose built for the requirements of current FPV race courses. The copter’s main body is made out of carbon fiber and the most crash-prone parts are made out of solid aluminium. This makes the little racer extremely robust for crashes. In other little details you can easily see that crash ressistance was one of the major design philosophies. The brushless outrunner-motors (2500 KV) have their own little crash guards and all electronic parts are highly integrated into the center of the main body. The material selection and high integration of the active components make the F210 very light and therefore super agile and fast. I personally think that this is one of the hottest FPV Race Drones this year!

F210 - Walkera — The world’s most professional consumer UAV of racing

F210 Walkera Race Drone

In addition to the physical products Walkera has added also a drone simulation game the their product range. Drone VR is a game available for tablets (Android, iOS) and can be controlled by Walkera transmitters. This element is likely to lure also video game enthusiasts into the FPV hobby.

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