As I am about to change my older PWM receivers step by step to PPM receivers (using the wonderful FrSky D4R-II) I have not found any clues about connecting this receiver to a MultiWii board on the internet (in this case a NanoWii from Hobbyking). By simply hooking the Rx up to the flight controller no signal will reach the flight controller without changing the some setting withing the MultiWii code.
Now, here is the hint: For connecting the Multiwii to the FrSky D4R-II you have to uncomment the line shown in the picture within the config.h file of the MultiWii code (the line mentioning Graupner/Spektrum compatibility). Voila: After compiling the code and sending it to the flight controller the receiver will forward the signals in the same sequence as before with a PWM receiver.MultiWii Arduino 1.0

Enjoy flying!

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Zero Explorer Quadcopter Preview

Today we could get a first glimpse onto the all new Zero Explorer quadcopter from Zero Drone at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Most of the asian companies took DJI’s Phantom quadcopter as a reference when it comes to style and looks. The fresh design of the Zero Explorer is something unique and different to the quadcopter market.

As Svenja, Market Manager Europe from Zero Drone explanined, the company courageously sought an very own design approach when developing the quadcopter. The copter is a 450-sized piece of quality engineering. The landing gear is manually retractable to two different positions for a use with or without a camera gimbal.


Speaking of the gimbal there will be an optional GoPro compatible 3-axis gimbal as well as a gimbal that carries the companies very own (interestingly) box-shaped 1080p camera. Unfortunately the camera can record only at 30fps at the 1080p resolution which leaves some space for technical development in the future.


All Zero Explorers come with with GPS sensors to support auto-return functions. Even waypoint planning and autonoumously flown missions are possible when using an additional smartphone with the soon to be released companion app (available for Apple iOS and Android phones).

One of the coolest features will be available this summer: Zero Drone will offer a wearable wristband that enables the follow-me mode to do great aerial shots during your outdoor activities.

Although the product is completely new it looks very mature in terms of quality and smart design. The copter will ship at market launch in 3 bundles starting from an estimated USD 400.-. Shipping will start around March 2015.

We are really looking forward to get hold of one of those copters!

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3DR X8+ Copter – Ready to fly Octocopter

Since yesterday the latest and most professional Ready to fly Octocopter the 3DR X8+ / X8 plus will delivered to their customers. With this one, Chris Andersons’ company is hitting another important target market.

Just about two months ago 3D Robotics announced the Iris+ a full proved out of the box quadrocopter. But with the 3DR X8 plus – 3D Robotics reach more professional customers compared to the Iris plus. The Iris might be interesting for a huge consumer market. There’re lots of sportsmen, such as motocross biker, climber, slackliner and also surfer. Or to be more general – athletes who bought a Gopro and like to share their experience and expeditions might be supposed customers for the Iris.

The 3DR X8+ Copter is rather a tool for professional photographers and also movie makers. In general the X8+ is the ideal platform for everyone, who likes to carry a more pro camera like the GoPro is. The payload capacity is specified with 800 grams and also enables the pilot to carry DLSRs with the platform. I personally think bridge cameras like the Sony NEX or Panasonic Lumix Series are the kind of cameras, the X8+ is designed for.
But not only depending on the bigger camera that may be carried – there are also features like the tablet or Smartphone control which make the model interesting for unknowns in RC models. Breaking down this barrier is a big advantage of the whole new 3D Robotics product series – this enables photo and film maker directly taking the bird eyes view – without renting a helicopter company for aerial shots.

From the technical point of view, building up an octocopter is a straight signal for stability and security. Just in case of a technical issue – one or two propellers fall out, the copter can safely descend to the ground and land. On the other hand deliver eight propellers the power for carrying the camera and they provide the stability for smooth film scenes.

3DR X8+ the latest innovation from 3D Robotics 3DR X8+ front view 3DR X8+ front view

Link to Product Details: 3DR X8+
Link to Shop: 3DR X8+
Picture Source: 3D Robotics

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Copter autonomously follows Copter – follow me mode

Today we’re showing you something special we did with the all known follow mode – the project is called copter autonomously follows copter via the copter follow me mode. For doing this video we used two 650 Predator quadrocopters which you may already know from our other videos. The autonomous following copter is using the brandnew Pixhawk controller from 3DRobotics – the leading one is using the APM 2.5 also from 3DR – both with on of the latest beta firmwares (3.20 RC 12) and only little parameter tweaking.


To enable the copter follows copter mode, we put a smartphone – the Huawei Ascend P7 – with the copter controlling app droidplanner 2 on one copter. This represents the follow me device – or the leading copter. The other one is the autonomous follwing copter. So the idea is starting the following copter over the smartphone and bring him to hover via the loiter mode, starting the other copter and control the smartphone on the leading copter via the pepple smartwatch. The smartwatch app allows us to control the mode of the following copter. So that’s the way we want to start the following mode.

Like you can see in the video those procedure worked very well, we tried the next step which is circling with the following copter around the leading one. The setup for this setting is exactly the same – the only difference is the mode we switch the copter into. So this time Tommy commanded the copter to orbit the other one.

With the video, I guess the concept „copter autonomously follows copter“ is proofed – thanks to my buddy Sebastian who got the idea for it. We’re happy that everthing worked very well and there haven’t been any issues we had to handle with.

So long, stay tuned


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Stuttgart fall fpv meeting 1.0 near Maulbronn

On Saturday morning several geeks from the fpv-community met for their first Stuttgart fall fpv meeting on the meadows near Maulbronn. Checking out the stuff from the others, talking shop about the lastest news in the scene or having a beer was one aspect. On the other hand the meeting was of course flying and racing around via first person view and sharing those great aerial moments we are all loving this hobby for!

The short video and the photos below may give you some impression for the case you could not make it to the event. Anyway, they’re a memory of a cool fpv day.

Thanks to all of you for being there!!

So here are some impressions from the meeting

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3DRobotics have fully autonomous follow-me drone Iris+

A couple of days ago the Californian multirotor specialist 3DRobotics announced an innovation which effectively puts them into a First-to-market position in this dynamic business. The 3PV technology (3rd Person View) names a feature which enables their Iris+ multirotor system to smoothly follow a person fully antonomously. Have a look at their product announcement video:

The technology their fully autonomous follow-me drone uses is something the whole multirotor community was curious about for some time. For sports video shots or even agriculture the technology bears some groundbreaking potential. We at are very excited to learn more about the capabilities of the system in person. As soon as we have some hardware to test you will find comments, videos and insights on our blog.



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Builtlog of Hobbyking Predator 650 Foldable Quadcopter

The fpv-geeks decided to build a new small and foldable quadcopter – the Hobbyking Predator 650, for future sports footage filming and picture taking. We ordered two frame kits from (Product ID: 9323000072-0) shortly after the announcement of the new frame. This is a small builtlog plus timelapse video of the 650 sized frame with the promising name Predator.
HobbyKing Predator 650 Folding Quad
First of all, the package is pretty small compared to the size of the final unfolded frame. So don’t be disappointed when you receive the package. The frame’s material is approximately 85% carbon fibre, 10% aluminum and 5% plastics (not considered the screw and bolts). The carbon fibre parts are cut very precisely and the holes and drillings are placed with surprisingly low tolerances. So generally, all parts fit together very well and no rework has to be done to adjust positions of join the parts. Compared to some other Chinese kits this is a bliss. But still, I can not conclude without mentioning some shortcomings of the design. Whereas for most of the screw joints (and there are MANY of them, approx. 150) the process is straightforward, some screws and even parts or sub-components could only be fitted if you unscrew or disassemble parts of your previous built. And this is a bit annoying. In some cases a more detailed built description could have solved the problem, in some cases minor design flaws are the reason for that. All in all it took me about 3.5 hours of casual building, from which 30-40 minutes came from the described lack of built description or design quality. If you are super-fast, you could maybe do it in 2 hours.

Finally, the final quadcopter is somewhat robust and stiff. The folding mechanism seems smart and well designed. A stiffer quad at this size and weight level is hard to be found on the current market. Our orders for ESCs, motors, camera gimbals and controllers are still underway. As soon as we have the rest of the equipment we will post further details on the built process as well as the flight performance of the frame.

For all of you who want to follow the whole process within just 1.5 minutes, please enjoy the timelapsed video of my built.

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Skiing and Copter Action in Lech / Zuers

Last week, early in the morning when other people were sleeping and dreaming of adventures, we packed our fpv copter, our skies and settled the truck. Long before 5 o’clock we went off for another skiing and copter action trip in the beautiful alps of Austria. Caused by the bad weather situation in the southern alps we decided quickly to visit the alpine skiing place at the „Arlberg“ – Lech and Zuers.

While the world woke up and got ready for busy work, we arrived at the small alpine village and hit the slopes. After checking out the sunny area by carving our tracks into the maiden snow, it was the time for our copter to hit the thin alpine air.

But the first flight was a struggle between the motors and the 3S 2600 mAh lipo pack. Caused by the cold and harsh conditions, the battery pack wasn’t able to power the rotors enough for an agile flight.

So, what to do ? – The skiing and copter action trip couldn’t be over just by low powered lipos. Minutes of helplessness and disappointment passed by – like the storm cloud above our heads …

Fortunately we found another two 4S 3000 mAh lipo packs in our lipo bunker and could set the stage for the next cycle. So in less than two minutes the copter and our full proved fpv case was installed and only waiting for commands.
This time the quad obeyed the input signals correctly and an fpv flight in more than 2200 m above sea level was possible. Even the strong gusts became manageable through the bigger lipo package. Only the low contrast and direct sunlight made the fpv flight even a bit more difficult.

Check out the results in our Video on Vimeo:

So long, stay tuned



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Mastor Gimbals – Scam company or serious business?


A personal experience. FPV-Geeks bought the Mastor G gimbal earlier this year from the vendor „BEVRC“ (, a China based online seller for RC electronics with a focus on FPV equipment (see our first hands-on article). Since then we did some testing and shots with the gimbal to find out that it works fine on the workbench but fails to work properly whilst mounted to some multirotor systems (e. g. our hexacopter). The problems are commonly discussed in web forums under the term „bouncing problem“. I do not go into details on this but you can find heaps of information e. g. within the thread regarding the Mastor G gimbal and its technical problems searching for technical solutions we found out that the two vendors which sell the Mastor G Gimbal (BEVRC and Foxtech) tried to offer support. Several weeks of promises by the two vendors (new firmware, new adjustment software) finally ended up in giving up the support for the product. Fair enough,

  • Foxtech tried really hard to satisfy their customers by staying in close contact with them via (again, here is the whole thread of this odyssey, also with many replys from Foxtech). Finally the admitted that the product is faulty (in specific: the control software) and consequently quit to sell it. Above that they offered a refund for all of their customers.
  • BEVRC continued to praise and sell the product (even refurbished versions which were actually returned gimbals from unsatisfied customers). They refused to stay in contact with their customer base via and did not grant any refund or warranty return of the faulty gimbals. Since more than 2 months have an ongoing dispute with BEVRCs service department on the warranty return of our Mastor G gimbal. Service requests won’t be answered for weeks by BEVRC.

Back to the company Mastortech. Not that much could have been found about the company online until fall. Lately the company has started its web presence at In November a sales person from Mastortech gave and product introduction interview at a Media Products Fair in Tokyo. You can find the full interview video here: In this video he the sales person claims that Mastortech has some 4-5 years of experience with aerial gimbals. Earlier this year the company exhibited on another fair where an somewhat cheesy looking European sales person explained the prototype product range. The video was shared earlier on RC groups: On RC Groups some views regarding Mastortech came up that the company has stolen the camera gimbal firmware from AlexMos (Aleksey Moskalenko, a mastermind and early developer for brushless gimbals who has started his own company, That should have been the reason for Mastortech not releasing any updated firmware for the Mastor G gimbal.

As we found out recently about Mastortech’s webpresence we decided to write directly to them regarding our faulty Mastor G Gimbal and request service from them. We will keep you updated regarding their response. This is what we have sent to them:

„Dear Mastortech Service Team,

several months ago I was one of the first customers who bought the first Mastor G Gimbal for GoPro3 cameras. Its purpose was to mount it to a Hexacopter for aerial filming.
I have ordered the gimbal at BEV RC in China.
After several tests with the gimbal I found out that the gimbal was not working. I wanted to get a refund from BEV RC but the service team at BEV RC refused to send me an reply or take the gimbal back. Several service issues at BEV RC were already mentioned in web forums.
I was very disappointed because I was an „early customer“ for Mastor products who did actually „beta-testing“ and found out that the gimbal was not mature for market. In several RC related forums e.g. the problems with the Mastor G gimbal were discussed and I found out that most other customers had problems with the gimbal.
As I have realized that your company is just about to start I expect professional customer service as well. Therefore I ask you to replace the faulty Mastor G gimbal with a working one or one of your new GoPro3 gimbals. Please send me and proposal how to proceed with that issue.
I will write about our correspondence and service handling in my internet blog
Best whishes from Germany and Happy New Year,

That’s for now,
Thomas from FPV-Geeks


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Historic Airplanes Meet Multirotor FPV-Platform – An Airborn Toys Trailer

Begin of June this year Matt and I spent a weekend with friends at the Kempten Airfield in Southern Germany. The airfield was the fly-in destination for a historic airplane meeting which one of our friends had organized privately. We took the chance to do some shots from our hexacopter FPV platform to capture the scene. Besides that we had the chance to join the crews of some of the real airplanes and take some pictures from high above over the Allgäu. Enjoy…

…and stay tuned.
(In some countries this video may not be available on mobile devices due to soundtrack copyright reasons. Sorry for that.)

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