Hint: Connecting Multiwii (NanoWii) to FrSky D4R-II via PPM

As I am about to change my older PWM receivers step by step to PPM receivers (using the wonderful FrSky D4R-II) I have not found any clues about connecting this receiver to a MultiWii board on the internet (in this case a NanoWii from Hobbyking). By simply hooking the Rx up to the flight controller no signal will reach the flight controller without changing the some setting withing the MultiWii code.
Now, here is the hint: For connecting the Multiwii to the FrSky D4R-II you have to uncomment the line shown in the picture within the config.h file of the MultiWii code (the line mentioning Graupner/Spektrum compatibility). Voila: After compiling the code and sending it to the flight controller the receiver will forward the signals in the same sequence as before with a PWM receiver.MultiWii Arduino 1.0

Enjoy flying!

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