FPV ascension to top of Radio Tower „Sender Mühlacker“

Just before new year we decided to do an FPV flight to the top of Mühlacker’s signature landmark it’s radio tower „Sender Mühlacker“. Before the ascension we did a bit of research about the history of radio towers in Mühlacker. In 1930 the first long-wave transmission facility was put into operation. In those times two 100m tall wooden towers did the job to cover south Germany with the 833kHz frequency band at a transmission power of 60kW. Just three years later the two towers were replaced by one 190m tall wooden tower. Historically this was the highest all-wood construction ever build and this record remains until today. Four weeks before the end of World War II the tower was destroyed by the German Wehrmacht in order to prevent that the transmission facilities fall into the hands of the Allied Forces. In 1950 the 273m transmission tower was erected and the tower exists until today known as „Sender Mühlacker“. The iconic „needle“ can be seen even from 50 kilometers away from Mühlacker. Unfortunatey, as radio and transmission technology progresses long-wave freqencies are not as important as they were in the 20th century. The radio network responsible for the facilities (SWR) plans to deconstruct the tower in 2017 due to low usage and high maintenance costs. Since thoses plans were announced a local innitiative raises funds to preserve Mühlacker’s famous landmark for future generations. Further information about the preservation plans could be found at www.273m.de.

The video should give you an impression of the Radio Tower (unfortunately at cloudy skies and gusty winds). Enjoy!
…and: Happy New Year to all FPV-Geeks Followers!


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