Here you find a short introducion of the fpv-geeks Team:

Since years Matt is a passionated and professional fpv pilot and specialist for the drone flying hobby.

He stepped into the rc flying hobby in his youth by bulding up his first model out of balsa wood at the age of 12. Since then a few years had to pass, until he got he started his career with the very common EasyStar from Mulitplex. The low motorized model couldn’t satisfy his needs of power and fun flying. Together with his brother he modified the plane to a more powerful and agile plane by using a brushless motor and adding ailerons.

When the first multiroters were ascended into the sky – Matt was one of the pionier pilots. Since the video transmitting technology is available, Matt is a passionated fpv pilot, who never missed an opportunity for a flight.

Team Tommy fpv geeks Today, Tommy is one of the most advaned fpv pilots and hobbyists. His curiosity leads him always to the latest technology which he puts with his enthusiasm through their paces.

Long befor the fpv century begun, Tommy built up one of the first rc planes with a video recording function. Unfortunately wasn’t the video transmitting technology available neither affordable in these days – so a few years had to pass by before he could start with the real fpv hobby.


From early adopters of the fpv hobby we more and more became pioniers.