Yuneec Typhoon H Camera Connection Fix

We got a lot of comments on our review about the Yuneec Typhoon H Camera Connection problems. We’ve also realized that point: The time until the ST16 Ground Controller is connected with the CGo3Plus Camera was up to 3 minutes. Not a point you like if you want to catch a very special moment.

Talking about this problem, we remembered that Dan from Yuneec also got some issues with the camera connection at the Nurnberg ToyFair this year. So I checked out some of the video stuff we recorded at Yuneecs booth. After trying a few different bind combinations between the Camera and Controller, it seems to me, that the connection will established faster by proceeding the following steps:

1. Start ST16
2. Start Typhoon H
3. Wait until the camera light starts flashing red, green
4. Go to system settings
5. Maybe refresh or directly click on the CG3+ Camera
6. Just go back to main menu
== Camera is connected!!

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