The EHang Ghost Drone 2.0 for aerial photography

On Nuremberg Toy Fair EHang has presented their pretty mature hobby drone for aerial photographers. The young Chinese company was founded in 2014 and became famous on 2016’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where they have presented the concept drone Ehang 184. This super-sized X8 multicopter is aimed to fly one person from A to B in fully autonomous mode. The press went crazy on the show concept drone and mostly did not touch on the base product of the company.

EHang Ghost Drone 2.0 comes only with smartphone controls

The Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 at the first glimpse comes along link another DJI phantom clone, similar sized and with similar looks. A deeper look unveils that the four brushless motors are flipped by 180 degrees making the copter a X4 drone in pusher configuration. The Ehang engineers claim that this design lowers the center of gravity and makes the overall flight more stable. If you get a Ghost Drone in full fledged configuration the package would also ship with a 3-axis gimbal and a Ehang proprietary 4k video camera. Further you would find a nice set of FPV googles with built-in head-tracking feature as well as a so called G-Box. Latest with the G-Box it is hard to compare the bundle with DJI’s Phantom. Ehang has decided not to ship any regular RC transmitter to their customers. Instead of that the operation of the drone is handled via the G-Box. This device is a Smartphone-to-drone router which first enhances the range of your smartphone’s Wifi up to 1 km and second acts as FPV base hub to connect the googles wirelessly to the drone. Not to mention the iOS and Android apps to control the Ghost Drone are freely available online. Let’s see how the innovative company Ehag will gain ground on the consumer drone market.

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