Futuristic multicopter design from Sky Hero


Multicopter future has just started. The Guy’s from Sky-Hero, whom we met at the Nuremberg „toy fair“, came up with a new and unseen fresh design for multicopters. Mainly built of carbon fiber they offer some very robust looking frames, adorned with a organic shaped plastic cover. Special and different from common frames are the super-thick booms – 30mm diameter – which offer a lot of space e.g. for housing the ESC’s within the arms. Thus, the center plate only bears the flight controller and receiver. Also well engineered is the lipo mount. To reduce the high frequency vibration for sensitive electronics like FPV gear and camera, the developers from Sky Hero decided to mount the camera along with the lipo on a separate, rubber damped plate underneath the center plate. The mass inertia of the lipo will improve the quality of the recordings by filtering out the mentioned high frequency vibrations. To complete that all common professional gimbals could be fitted to the frames.

Sky Hero Spider Frame

The cool dev guys from Belgium offer two different multicopter patterns. A “Spider” frame (X4 and X8 configs possible) and also a tricopter frame, which is called “Spy” (Y3 and Y6 configs possible). Depending on the personal purpose of the copters (fun fly vs. powerful carrier) you can choose the single or double powered configuration. The engineers did a great job on that. Also, all motor-mounts are similar and interchangable: One design fits all.

Besides the new design, the Sky-Heros adopted a common idea from clothing industry. They offer every copter in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large are the dimensions the copter can be delivered.

In our opinion the work from Robert, Yves and Patrick from Sky-Heros is somewhat great. We appreciate the new ideas as well as the beautifully shaped and colored frames they’re putting into the multicopter market. We definately would like to see more from them. Keep up the good work, guys!

Some more impressions from the toy fair ..

Sky Hero - Spider Large

Sky Hero - Spy

Matt & Thomas


Facebook Page from Sky-Heros

Homepage Sky-Heros

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